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Cory Cook

Cory Cook Wrote:

I'm an older player and have dealt with Carpal Tunnel for most of my life.  Although I've had the surgery, there are times with the nerve endings on my fingers go numb and I can't feel the stick.  I dropped 5 sticks in one night...VERY frustrating.  After that, the search was on for an alternative.  Shopping at Guitar Center, I tried several different types of sticks...with the dripped rubber.  None of them felt right in my hands.  I've been playing Vater Fusions for the last 15 more

It would take a miracle for me to change that habit!  During the search, I came across the Stick Gripps and thought it was an interesting idea.  I pulled my iPhone out and looked up the website, watched the videos, and decided to give it a try.  Sure, I tried the hair dryer at home (no luck).  So, I broke down and got a heat gun (all of $20 from Wal-mart even).  30 seconds later, I had the Gripps on my favorite stick.  The next day, I had a gig, used the Stick Gripps and was AMAZED!  I went right back to Guitar Center and bought a couple more packs of the Stick Gripps and put them on the rest of my playing sticks... been using them ever since.

Bottom line:  If you want a good product for the cost (money and grip), Stick Gripps is the way to go.  They have changed my playing life for the better!  Thanks Stick Gripps!!!

Stick Brand: Vater Fusions

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Steve Ontiveros

Steve Ontiveros Wrote:

I had a gig a few years ago and had some hand fatigue and drop sticks twice in the first song. After that I decided I needed something to take care of this problem. I had tried sticks that had the grip dip on them, tape, rubber bands, you name it. I could find anything that would either not last, or would just unravel or come apart. I saw these Stick Gripps at Guitar Center while looking for a solution to my grip issue and decided to give them a try. When I got them home I didn't read the label about having to heat then to shrink them. It sounded like a good idea in theory so I decided to drop some cash for a heat gun after having no luck with my wife's hair dryer. I definitely recommend the heat gun approach because it went on in less than thirty seconds. I did not use the ring. I had also bought some drum gloves as well and have to say the combination of the sleeves and the gloves makes my grip like Spider Man. I have not had any problems with hand fatigue or stick drops. I wish I would have known about the clear sleeves before I covered my Zildjian Dave Grohl Artist Series drumsticks. They have a pretty cool design on them. I bought 3 pairs and only used the sleeves on 2 pair so will get the clear sleeves for the last pair.
I can't endorse these things enough because I have enough going on with drumming and singing that I don’t need to worry about losing my grip on my sticks. I don't ever have to worry about it anymore now. Wish I had these when I was learning to play. Not only do these improve your grip but they also improve your confidence in playing. These make a great gift for any drummer you know so please be kind.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Steve Ontiveros
Stick Brand: Zildjian
Anthony James Band
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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy Wrote:

I've been using Stick Gripps for a couple of years and love them, they're easy on the hands. Recently I decided to have some custom sleeves made for a new venue. It was short notice but Cleve did everything to help with the process and the new sleeves got here with two days to spare.  Thank you Cleve for ALL your help and I look forward to many years of using your product. Your dedication to the customer is like a breath of fresh air, thank you.

Stick Size: 5A


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Larry Copcar wrote:

Man, where have you been all my drum life? I just put a pair on my Hot Rods, which always chipped away from rim shots. And also put a pair on my wood handle wire brushes for the same reason.
I don't own a heat gun, so I just used the stove. It was easier than heating up a tortilla.They went on like butter in about 30 seconds. I hope you got rich with this terrific idea.

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Corey Murray wrote:

Hey guys, My name Is Corey, I work at Guitar Center in Rockford IL. My colleagues recently received some awesome custom gripps and mallet ends. I'm totally impressed by the mallets, WHAT A COOL IDEA! I have them on four pairs of my sticks that I gig with, and practice with. The Gripps themselves are also unbelievable! I was never a fan of dips or stick tape or any kind of grips for that matter, these Stick Gripps are just fantastic. I play for a band called ShastaXkhann and every show we've played since I started using the grips has been awesome. I sweat a heck of a lot on stage considering how fast we play, and FREAKING STICK GRIPPS save the day for me. No more projectile drumsticks! hahah! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. All in all I enjoy your product to the highest degree and I'll never use another kind of grip!

Stick Size: 2B
Stick brand: Vater

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Stick Gripps Stick Bag Bungee Hooks

Wendel Skolaski Wrote:


As you know, I have been a HUGE fan of StckGripps for several years now so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out the stick bag bungee hooks!  They do not disappoint!  The hooks are well-crafted from high-quality materials (as expected)!  I use a very large, heavy Reunion Blues leather stick bag and carry all kinds of extra crap in it.  The bag comes with leather ties but they are a pain the tie and untie each time I play.  The bungees did a terrific job of keeping the bag upright within easy reach.  The bungees are strong, as are the hooks and they're made so they don't mar the finish on my kit.  I couldn't be more pleased with them and will be recommending this product - and ALL StickGripp products - to my pals.

Keep the great ideas and products coming, Cleve!  God bless!

Stick Brand: Pro-Mark
Stick Size: 7A

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Stick Gripps Testimonial

Vee Rubio

Orlando Vee Rubio wrote:

I've been using stick gripps for a while and really like the fact that you can set the o-rings in any position you want.  It really sets them apart from the tape gripps and such. As for the dipped sticks....the Stick Gripp brand doesn't peel off after a few uses and leave bits and pieces all over. I just recently added the Stick Gripp mallets to my sticks and love them. They really add to the over all look of the sticks and they do a great job for cymbal rolls without adding a lot of weight to the butt end of the stick. In contrast, they are very light. I barely know they are back there.  If you want to get away from bulky gloves or other messy grips try these!!!

Stick Brand: pro-mark
Stick Size: 5B

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Stick Gripps Stick Bag Bungee Hooks


Stick Gripps stick bag bungee hooks are ridiculous lol..... If you haven't tried them you should... excellent product to hold your stick bag up to where you have easy access to your sticks. I break sticks effortlessly at times, i'm now able to have access to my sticks and still be in the groove while i'm playing.   

Stick Brand: Shed Sticks
Stick Size: 5A

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Taryn Lee Young wrote:

I've been drumming for 15 years and Im always looking for ways of improving and innovating my drumming skills. I practice everyday and when I'm not practicing, I'm teaching or playing at gigs. You could say drumming is my life just like many of my drumming friends I have made from around the world. I stay in Johannesburg South Africa and I had the privilege of recently being sent a few pairs of StickGripps. For the past few months I have been trying them out everyday, putting them to the ultimate test, and boy have they lasted! Not only do they last long, but they also do not crack and you don't feel that sticky feeling like with some gripps I have tried in the past. They are easy to apply and I really love the personal touch added with your name or favourite saying.

Sometimes when I used to play at gigs my sticks would tend to slip to the back of my hands towards the end of my drum solo's, that was before trying StickGripps and now that I have them, I feel confident that they will remain in place.

Having just that extra bit of help has really made a world of difference! As they say the proof is definitely in the pudding. Give them a shot (a rimshot) and see for yourself how comfortable and reliable they truly are.

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Indiana Pacers High Octane Drum line

The Stick Gripps felt fantastic!!! I speak for the whole drum line when I say that the corps series stick Gripps felt wonderful and saved us a lot of time. with the grips, we didn't have to tape the sticks or worry about how we were taping them. These went on fast and easy with no hassle. No pun intended, they really helped me keep hold of my sticks. In a setting like that, where you are hitting harder than ever using no technique whatsoever, regular old stick tape typically doesn't feel amazing. The grips on the other hand eliminated all of that. The grips are a product that myself and the pacers HIGH OCTANE drum line will stand by for years to come. Thank you STICKGRIPPS!!!!

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Chazz Wrote:

Wow! Stick Gripps Mallets help me switch to different instruments at lightening speed! They are great when I need a soft touch for swells and light splashes. Also, they look good when I spin them for showmanship. I feel secure stick control with Stick Gripps on even when I am lightly holding my sticks. No longer do I have to search for different sticks when I have to quickly change instruments or sounds. I highly recommend Stick Gripps to percussionists who must make immediate sound changes and like to look good. Thanks for the test run Cleve, I will be ordering more.

Stick Size: Other

Stick brand: Various


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Matt Howitz wrote: About Stick Gripps New Mallets!

I have the unfortunate problem of letting the stick slide out, so i'm only holding it with ring/middle/pointer finger, but these gripps give me something to hold onto at the end, its great! They work great as mallets, and add a nice weight to the butt end of the stick. Very creative.

Stick Brand: Vater

Stick Size: 5B

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Philip Burt Wrote:


Hey Cleve,

It's me Philip Burt from the Namm Show. I just want to say that using Stick Gripps on my drumset took me to a hole other level. I can drum faster and not drop my sticks. I have alot more control then i did before. Thank you for the extra samples, I used them very wisely.

Thanks again for everything.


Stick Size: 5A

Stick brand: vic firth

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John Reyna Wrote:

Stick Gripps Rock!!!! Not only can I play for hours and not feel hand fatigue, but my sticks last me longer!!
Thanks Cleve for this great product. Im happy to promote Stick Gripps here at Guitar Center!!

John Reyna

Stick Brand: Zildjian
Stick Size: 5B

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Craig W. (TREND) Wrote:


I just want to let you know how much I love your product. Today I went to buy a few pair of drum sticks and was introduced to STICK GRIPPS. For the past 8 years I have been looking for a product such as STICK GRIPPS.
I have one word for this product, BRILLIANT!!!

Thanks, your new customer
Craig W. (TREND)


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Dayne Wrote

I first got intriduced to Stick Gripps at the 2010 WInter NAMM show. The distributor put them on a set of sticks and explained to me how they were made and worked. I have used them everyday since. They work really well and help keep my fingers in place, they keep my sticks from sliding and flying out of my hand when I get sweaty, the ring ensures a sure grip. I am truly happy with my STICK GRIPPS and will be putting them on all of my sticks!!!!

Stick Brand: VIC FIRTH
Stick Size: 7A


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Ivan Lezcano Wrote:


It was great meeting you at the NAMM Show. Stick Gripps is great product that every drummer can benefit from! The Gripps help to keep the sticks in the right position and keep them from slipping. The cool thing is that you can adjust and install the gripps to your liking. I've shown Stick Gripps to several drummers. Every one was blown away by the simplicity and the uniqueness of the product. All the best...

Stick Brand: Vic Firth
Stick Size: 5B

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Donnell Spencer Jr. wrote

Hello, I have been using STICK GRIPPS CUSTOM SIGNATURE SLEEVES for about 4 months and I really love them! I find that for me they work best without the rings for my of playing. However the grip is very good and when use a stick without it, I miss the added support that STICK GRIPPS provides. I suggest all drummers try this product asap. The colors are very cool too! :)
Thank you very much!!!

Stick Brand: Zildjian
Donnell Spencer Jr.


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Dio Avila wrote:

I was so prejudice about this stuff because of the way it was produced in the past.
they fall apart in the first set and your fingers start to feel funny. it ls so uncomfortable.

WOW! With a StickGripps, you don't have to hold your sticks like a baseball bat anymore. You can actually relax and groove not having to worry about dropping your sticks.
This product is going to be BIG, it's an explosion!

Stick Brand: Vic Firth

Stick Size: 5A


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Stick Size: 7A


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D.Frazier Wrote:

Ever since the first time I used Stick Gripps, I have been hooked. I played with dipped sticks in the past and I was halfway impressed with the grip. I was also disappointed with the coating because after a while of playing with them, the color would rub off onto my palms. When I applied my Stick Gripps to the sticks I have now, everything was 100%.The grip and feel were perfect. I have not dropped a single stick the whole time I have had them on. It is almost like they are glued to my hands. Also, the whole time I have had this product I haven't had any of the logo rub off onto my hands. Anyone who is sick of dropping their sticks while playing NEEDS to get Stick Gripps.

Stick Size: 5A

Stick brand: Vater

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Dan Wrote:

Cleve, Dan here. We met at the Guitar Center Drum-Off.
I tried out your product, and can describe it in one word, Wow!
I don't have a heat gun, so I used a special fireplace lighter.
I also made a video showing how I did it, and talked about why
StickGripps are better than the other options I've tried
(i.e., Gorilla Snot, Tacky Fingers, dips, wraps, grip tape, etc.).

Thanks for the samples. I'll be ordering some custom StickGripps in the very near future.


Stick Size: 5B

Alastor Arnold Wrote:

I just wanted to write a quick thanks!

Let me start by saying that I play plastic drums. I have been playing in a Rockband for years, and have invested thousands of dollars in to this game including large investments
in various drum products, but the little bit of money I spent on Stick Gripps has been
responsible for one of the best improvements in my game yet!

I have been a chronic stick dropper for years. I have tried different dip sticks
with varying results, but in the end they have all been shredded within a week or two.
Your grips have stood the test of time and abuse, and I will never go back to anything else. I especially like ring, which really helps me keep a loose grip, avoiding fatigue without sticks flying out of my hands.



Alastor Arnold

PS, I think I was the first person to buy a set of these at Guitar Center last weekend. :)

Stick Size: 7A

Allen Copeland Wrote:

Stick Gripps are a wonderful invention. I have seen some of the great drummers drop their drum sticks. Needless to say, it's very embarrassing. While playing, I would always have in the back of my mind, "please don't drop the sticks..." Now with Stick Gripps that thought never crosses my mind.

Stick Size: 7A
Maple Generic

Allen Copeland


Tommy Campbell Wrote:

I am the drummer for a gospel group based out of West Liberty Kentucky called "The Road Less Traveled". I have been playing the drums for 15 years.  Like most drummers , I became interested in the drums at church.  Most of what I learned on the drums , I learned from watching the drummer at my church, and believe me I learned a lot from him.  I also particpated in my  middle school and high school band program.   As for the group I am in.  We started in October of 2008 under a different name and changed the name to "The Road Less Traveled"  in March of 2009.

I used StickGripps for the first time at an outdoor gospel music concert, and all I can say is.....Wow!    StickGripps is a great product. 
I would recommend them to drummers looking for better grip enhancement. Keep up the great work!
Tommy Campbell
Stick Size: 5A
Stick brand: Vater


Jeremy Stacey wrote:

Hello my name is Jeremy. We have met a couple times already actually I work at Guitar Center. Now although I am normally not into any stick with a grip, I decided to try out the samples you gave us. My hands don't tend to get too sweaty as others do and I have not had problems loosing sticks. I will say though that after trying out your samples, I enjoyed how they felt. I used them on a couple gigs and they performed well. Even though I don't think I would use these stickgripps on a daily basis, I do think they are a good product , especially for people who like gripping material on thier drumsticks.

Stick Size: 7A


Marvin Bugalu Smith wrote:

When Cleve asked me to try out Stick Gripps, I decided to put them on all my sticks and play my Tuesday night jazz jam session to give stick gripps a good work out. I was really knocked out by the feeling they give my sticks. My sticks feel very natural, and my hands do not slip off my sticks. Stick Gripps are great when you're playing at very fast tempo's like the one's I play every week at our jam sessions.

Thanks very much Cleve,
Your friend Marvin Bugalu Smith


>August 31, 2009

>Eli Nava wrote:

>"NO MORE SLIPPING....PERIOD!" you guys are the best.


Stan Little Wrote:

Hello Cleve,

Over the years, I`ve tried many products to improve stick grip. All of them work well to a point, but I especially like StickGripps, because they are not sticky or gooey, and they don`t ravel out, they are not rough to the touch, and they are COOL looking! I like the color selection, too.

I have been a private drum instructor for over forty years, and I think my students will get a kick out of the colors.

Thanks very much,

Stan Little


Christian Padgett Wrote:

Stick Gripps... W-O-W
Stick Gripps save your drumming, one word...JACKPOT!

Stick Size: 5B
Stick brand: Vater


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