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Cymbal dynamics are a breeze, no switching sticks with a pair of Stick Gripp Mallets. Get a grip on your Marimba and Xylophone mallets too. Secure your Stick Bag, with our new Stick Gripps Stick Bag Bungee Hooks.

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Key Features

stick gripps artist Taryn

Taryn Lee Young

Stick Gripps Key Features

  • 1Easy install in minutes
  • 2Endures stick life
  • 3Personalization with ring configuration
  • 4Personalization with custom signature sleeves

Get a grip, with Stick Gripps.

Stick Gripps are a creative and effective way to reduce stick slippage, player fatigue and hand blistering, all while retaining a natural stick feel. Gain greater power and control while using your favorite sticks and mallets. You can personalize your sticks with different ring configurations and identify them at a glance.

When the temperature rises on the band stand, a pair of Stick Gripps provide great insurance against the embarrassing loss of a drumstick during the most important moments of a song. Dont end up looking like you just slipped on a banana peel!

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Cleve at Namn

Cleve with Cole and Julian

Cleve with Cole Marcus and Julian Pavone.

Embracing the future!

Check out Cole Marcus's Facebook and Youtube channel

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Check out Julian Pavone's Facebook and Youtube channel

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Stickgripps Available Colors

stickgripp available colors

Stickgripps Available Colors

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Choose your color from the dropdown menu when purchasing.

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