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Stick Gripps Mallets

Transform your personal drumsticks into mallets, no more switching!

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What are drummers doing with Stick Gripps?

(Inspired by: Greg Freeman, Wendel Skolaski, and Charley Nelms.)

Stick Gripps won't unravel like other grips, they won't blister your hands, they feel natural, not sticky. If they loosen up from abuse, simply push them back in place, reheat them and you're good to go. Stick Gripps will out live your drum sticks!

Curious about how well Stick Gripps really work? O.K., hold a finished Stick Gripp stick on the sleeve side and have someone tightly hold and pull against you on the opposite tip side of the drumstick, a mini tug of war! Now reverse the process, you hold and pull on the tip side and see who wins.

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GC_3 pack Black/Clear

Stick Gripps 3 Pack Black or Clear

Available in our online store, at Guitarcenter stores nationwide, or

  • Contains:
  • Rings
  • Sleeves
  • Installation Instructions

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Stick Gripps POP

Stick Gripps Custom Sleeves

Prevent Stick Loss, and Memory Loss With Stick Gripps Custom Signature Sleeves Don't throw away broken drumsticks! With Stick Gripps custom signature sleeves,they're souvenirs, and marketing tools. Your signature, logo, web site address etc. on your drumsticks. Be Creative!

Open our custom order form 300 dpi in your favorite graphics program like Corel, Photoshop, Illustrator etc., then add your personal touch. No need to roam the halls of trade shows hoping some stick company will accept your request for an endorsement. You know the statistics, that's like trying to become an NBA star!

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custom green stickgripps custom blue stickgripps
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extra rings

Stick Gripps Extra Rings

Personalize your experience even more, add multiple rings with a 20 pack of extra rings.

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Stick Gripps New Drum Corps Performer Series

Stick Gripps New Drum Corps Sleeves

Stick Gripps New "DRUM CORPS"Performer Series.
Customizable with your individual, group name, logo etc. Available in quantities to suit your organization,
Currently used by the Indiana Pacers High Octane Drumline!

pacers sleeves

Stick Gripps Drum Corps Performer series sleeves insures that you'll not only drop far less sticks, but you'll also look great too. Although our full length sleeves are meant to replace treditional taping methods, you can still tape the top portion of your sticks for that deep rich sound that you've grown to love so much. Your sticks will be virtually indestructible! Find out more.

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