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Useful accessories for drummers.

guitarcenter with Cleve

On January 2010 Stick Gripps joined the lineup of products available at Guitar Center. This was a rewarding time for Cleve who focused a 2 year effort on refining his patent pending grip. Cleve felt it most important to present a product that drummers could add their personal touch to, specifically using their favorite drumsticks. Cleve knew early on that this would put Stick Gripps in a great position. This idea coined the phrase, "Your Sticks, Our Grips, Your Personal Touch.

I've always tried to allow the creative process room to breathe in all situations. If you put your heart into what you do, it will translate into something equal to your efforts, because that's what people will ultimately feel, even if they can't pinpoint what it is. The essence of purposeful intent does carry over.

This is a lesson I learned from my days with Arthur Rhames and Adrian Grannum. "I have no fear being the the spokesperson for my product, or presenting music as I know it to be.

Cleve Alleyne

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On Thursday October 15, 2009 Cleve was invited to Judge the Drum Off competition at Guitar Center Fountain Valley with judges Jay Gaylen of Ford Custom Drums (left) and Jeff Wolfe (center).

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A message from Cleve Alleyne.

Many people dream, however, bringing dreams to reality is a different story. When I decided to put a band together, I made it my mission to find the best musicians around. As a result, I found Arthur Rhames and Adrian Grannum my friend and brother to this day. It's a joy to know that when I walk out on stage in a musical setting that Adrian Grannum is the drummer accompanying me. It's always been important that a great atmosphere be present in all of my endeavors . This inspires everyone involved to bring forth their best.

Life teaches us lessons about taking chances on things and people. I think Stick Gripps is a great example of sharing a dream. The lesson I've learned is that small things do matter. I've spent a great deal of time refining Stick Gripps from day one to present, even down to the second "P" in the word Gripps! It's a good day when others can benefit from your efforts. The pursuit of excellence is a choice.

Special thanks to all of our our supporters. If you're new, welcome to the Stick Gripps family. Remember to visit to write a product testimonial. Please leave us your feedback. Your insight is key in our coutinued effort to present great products. We're committed to a personal touch approach to the music experience and look forward to hearing from you.

Cleve Alleyne

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Walnut Grove VisitOn September 21, 22, 2009 Cleve's long time friend Renee Francis arranged a visit to Edgewood and Walnut Grove Middle Schools in Covina California. Cleve didn't hesitate, stating, "it's important to give back, particularly when you have been enriched by the kindness of others throughout your life, it's a cycle". Cleve remembers being a student in Junior High when speakers, bands and others came to share with students. These were some of his most memorable times.. Cleve's feeling is that If we can impact the lives of young people early, inspire them when they are young, we might just add something to the spark they need to become great productive contributors to society. Perhaps they too will do the same somewhere along the way. But it's important to catch them when they're young.
Cleve outfitted 75 students with custom Stick Gripps in respective school colors and names over the 2 day period. Cleve left saying "It was wonderful to be able to do this, Music and arts are an essential part of early development, it was for me!". It gives us knowledge that with hard work, great things can be accomplished. "I look at each student with the great possibility that they could be the next John Coltrane, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington,Igor Stravinsy, etc." It's important that we inspire, encourage, and help light the path for others, particularly our young. That's what my teachers Mr. Bennett, Reggie Workman, Sirone, Mr. Fisher and others did for me.