Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I purchase Stick Gripps at all Guitar Center stores?

Answer: Yes, Stick Gripps can be purchased and installed at Guitar Center stores nationwide. Stick Gripps will also be available internationally, online at Musicians Friend. ( )

You can also click on the Store button above to purchase Stick Gripp here.

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Question: Is a heat gun the only way to install Stick Gripps? Can I use a high end hair dryer?

Answer. No, but we highly recommend using a heat gun to install Stick Gripps. People have been known to use other methods, but we strongly recommend a heat Gun. Heat guns assure more control, higher temperature, and more focused distrubution of heat. Stick Gripp sleeves should be evenly heated during the installation process for best results. You can also purchase an inexpensive heat gun at Harbor Freight Tool stores nationwide.

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Stick Gripps are the most customizable grips on the market, giving you the ability to totally set things up the way you want. The use of a heat gun to install Stick Gripps makes installation fast and easy. Having a pair of Stick Gripps is like having the stick loss insurance in your stick bag!

The customizable nature of our patent pending product helped coin the phrase "Your Sticks, our Gripps, Your Personal Touch."

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Question: I do lots of Cross sticking and rim shots with the back end of my stick, I really abuse my sticks. Can Stick Gripps take the abuse? What do I do if the sleeve loosens up?

Answer: Stick Gripps will most likely outlive your sticks. However, if they loosen up, simply push the sleeve back into position and reheat the sleeve, the sleeves willl tighten back up and you're good to go. another option is to apply a small 1/2 inch piece of thin double stick scotch tape on the stick, right around the Stick Gripps logo or at the butt end of the stick before placing the sleeve over the stick. This usually guarantees no slippage even if the sleeve loosens up over time. It is however still recommended to reheat sleeves from time to time to tighten things up if needed.

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Question: Is there a specific way to install Stick Gripps?

Answer: Stick Gripps (patent pending) was created and refined with the idea of giving you the opportunity to personalize things the way you want. You like your rings further back on the stick? Place them there, like 3 rings on one stick and 2 on the other? With a 20 pack of extra rings you're on your way to customizing things the way you want. Don't like rings? Leave them off and go sleeve only. You can also order your very own custom sleeves with your signature, logo etc.

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A message from Cleve: I've spent lots of time refining Stick Gripps so you can get the most out of our product. Sometimes it's a simple solution that helps us attain what we're reaching for. It's my hope that the heart and soul that I put into Stick Gripps will help multiply your ability to be your best. Thanks for using Stick Gripps.

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Cleve Alleyne
Stick Gripps

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